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Product Code: DF6AS

Price: 1.460,00€

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The engine volume is 138 cm3, and the weight is 25 kg. Less weight enables better operability. The carrying handle is integrated into the lower cover, which is rounded, and the additional handle on the front further improves its portability. An integral overhead fuel tank along with a new lubrication system allows the outboard to be transported and stored on three sides (port, starboard or front) without leaking fuel or oil. The upper fuel tank is located above the carburetor, and this contributes to the gravity fuel supply, which allows the engine to be started immediately after refueling.

The engine is delivered with a standard propeller.

S - short axle 381 mm

Maximum output: 4.4 kW
No. of Cylinders: 1
Displacement: 138 cm3
Gear ratio: 1.92:1
Weight: 25 kg
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