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Multi-Function Display

With the Multi-Function Display your boat and engine can now be connected to global weather and be in touch with your surrounding environment as well as control and operate all your other devices on your boat.
Control at the touch of a finger with the touch screen glass top design. Available in 7, 9, 12 and 16inch screens.
suzuki Multi-Function Display


Fuel efficiency matters whether you’re boating for pleasure or profit. Our Lean Burn Fuel Control Technology predicts fuel needs according to operating conditions, then delivers the optimum fuel/air mixture to the engine. The system is designed to save fuel both at low speeds and up into the cruising range.
Fuel efficiency


Powerful propulsionOffset driveshaft - Another Suzuki innovation, the Offset Driveshaft allows us to make our engines smaller by moving the outboard’s center of gravity forward, while improving weight distribution, power output, balance and reducing vibration.
2-stage gear reduction - These outboards also incorporate 2-Stage Gear Reduction designed to acquire a large reduction gear ratio - it delivers powerful torque for quick acceletion and great top-end speed.


Suzki precision controlOur sophisticated drive-by-wire system eliminates the friction and resistance of mechanical control cables. This gives smooth, precise control with crisp, immediate shifting, particularly at low revs and when maneuvering.
The system can be configured with single, twin, triple or quad installations, and for dual stations.
Combined with our Lean Burn Control System, it helps improve fuel efficiency over a wide operating range. (DF300AP/250AP, DF200AP, DF175G/150G)


This ground-breaking technology means that one outboard model can operate in either regular or counter rotation modes.

Introduced on the DF300AP, DF250AP and DF200AP this model can operate in standard clockwise rotation, using the forward gear, or by changing the gear-shift mode and an optional connector and adding a counter rotational propeller.

The same outboard can operate in counter rotation mode (anticlockwise).


Multi-function gaugeThe new Suzuki Color Display is a high-resolution LED network gauge that is extremely easy to read - even in bright sunlight.
It is capable of monitoring two engines simultaneously, including RPM, speed*, water pressure*, fuel level* and fuel consumption*, engine temperature, trim, engine hours and alternator voltage.
It features front-mounting points and operates on a NMEA2000 network with one easy connection.
Multi-function gauge


Suzki kyless start systemSuzuki’s new Keyless Start system, available exclusively with our DF200AP, utilizes a proximity key-fob that transmits an access code to the engine’s starting system. As long as you have the key-fob on your person, all you need to do is stand within one meter of the console, connect the emergency stop switch lanyard, turn on the main switch, then start the outboard with a push of a button. With the key remaining safely in your pocket, the system offers simple, stress-free operation while reducing the risk of a lost key. The system also makes for an excellent theft deterrent since the outboard will not start without the proper access code. The key-fob also floats so should it ever go overboard you can retrieve it.

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